Service Department

Responsibilities & Services
The Springfield Township Service Department has the responsibility for care and maintenance of all township streets, facilities, and parks.

Services include:
  • Maintenance of 91.3 miles of township roads
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Road and curb repairs and pothole patching
  • Street sweeping (spring and fall)
  • Remove dead animals from township roads
  • Maintain roadway and storm drainage systems
  • Storm sewer and catch basin maintenance
  • Resurfacing and street improvements
  • Mowing and maintenance at all township parks and facilities
  • Inspection of contractor work within the road right of way
  • Maintenance of 181.5 acres of township parks
    • Field preparation
    • Grass cutting
    • Location of recreation equipment
    • Overall care of grounds and structures
  • Abatement of nuisance properties in Springfield Township
  • Trimming of right of way trees in order to maintain safe roadways and sidewalks
  1. Service Director

    Meet Mike Gould, Service Director for Springfield Township. The Service Director oversees operations for the Township roads, sewer, parks, Township-owned cemeteries.

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  2. Township Versus County Roads

    Look up streets to determine if they are serviced by Springfield Township or by Hamilton County

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  3. Road Funding

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  4. Road Projects

    Learn about the road projects scheduled in Springfield Township

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  5. Personnel

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  6. Snow Emergencies

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  7. Make a Service Request

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