Township Versus County Roads

Types of Roads
The differences between local, private, and county streets in Springfield Township is one of the most commonly misunderstood issues to the residents and visitors of Springfield Township. The confusion lies in who provides the services to the different designations of roads. 

Springfield Township has over 400 streets. Of those 400 streets, approximately 92 miles of the roads are owned and maintained by Springfield Township. An additional 40 miles is considered to be county roads, which run through Springfield Township but are actually are owned and serviced by Hamilton County.

Springfield Township Roads
The Service Department of Springfield Township maintains most residential streets. Township neighborhood services and road improvement projects are provided through a combination of property tax dollars, gas taxes, and license taxes. 

For service on a township road, please call 522-1410. 

Road Services
Springfield Township provides the following services for township roads:
  • Snow and ice removal (through salting and plowing)
  • Repairs (curb and potholes)
  • Resurfacing and periodic maintenance
  • Dead animal removal (from the roadway)
  • Catch basin and storm sewer repairs
  • Street signs (street names and regulatory signs)
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Street sweeping
Hamilton County Roads
Hamilton County is responsible for basic road services to the designated county roads. County road construction, county storm sewer systems, snow removal, salt, and repairs on county roads are paid for through state income taxes, gas taxes, and license taxes. 

For service on a Hamilton County Road, call 946-8900.

Hamilton County Roads

Roads within Springfield Township that Hamilton County is responsible for maintaining:
  • Banning                          
  • Betts                             
  • Bilamy
  • Bonham                          
  • Burlington                       
  • Caldwell                         
  • Carlsbury                        
  • Compton                         
  • Corbett                           
  • Cross County-SR126        
  • Daly                               
  • East McKelvey
  • Edgemont                       
  • Fleming                          
  • Galbraith                        
  • Hamilton (ODOT)             
  • John Gray                       
  • Kemper (West)                
  • Lakeridge                        
  • Leacrest
  •  Meadowcrest
  • Miles
  • Mill
  • North Bend
  • Pfau
  • Railroad
  • Ridgeway
  • Ripplebrook
  • Section
  • Seymour
  • Sheffield
  • Simpson
  • Springdale
  • Summit
  • West Meredith
  • Winton

Private Drives

Private drive maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowners or their homeowner association. The following streets are designated as private drives:
  • Christmas Lane
  • Colorama 
  • Country Mills Lane
  • Dutchess Lane
  • Faske Lane
  • Parts of Finney Trail and Denier (west of guardrail)
  • Paul Farms Drive
  • Pepper Court
  • Pineknoll Drive
  • Safari Lane
  • Silvergate Drive 
  • Winton Hills Lane