Neighborhood Master Plan

About the Plan

Springfield Township is a unique, diverse community that is comprised of many different neighborhoods, each with unique character, attributes, and needs. The township includes one school district that is entirely within the township and portions of six others. With a total of 36,319 residents and about 16,000 households, we recognize that an overall Master Plan for the entire township may fail to address the individual and specific needs of a particular neighborhood. Therefore, township officials, staff, and residents worked together in the creation a Master Plan that embraces the township for what it is, a community of neighborhoods.

The plan recognizes 12 specific township neighborhood districts and the creation of unique individualized plan for each. Included is a study and analysis of existing conditions in each of these districts from a physical condition, land use, and zoning policy standpoint and provides specific recommendations regarding both short and long-term goals and policies that should be implemented. The Township Neighborhood Master Plan also provides operational and service delivery recommendations regarding specific areas that were identified through the planning processes as areas of weaknesses or as opportunities for success. The plan was formally adopted on May 10, 2011.

View the Core District Plan, a Galbraith and North Bend Economic Development concept.

Individual Neighborhood District Plans: What District Do I Live In?

Neighborhood Districts

This map outlines 12 districts that the township used to create a neighborhood master plan. View the individual street listing of Neighborhood Districts.
District Map -revised

Steering Committee Members

Springfield Township trustees hosted individual neighborhood meetings in 2009 to gather public opinion regarding land use, future developments, and resident services. Surveys were also gathered and results were later tabulated. Monthly focus group (steering committee) meetings were then held in 2010 with township staff and residents representing the 12 neighborhood districts. Staff presented recommendations on a specific topics and steering committee members provided their valuable insight as residents. View a video of the planning process for more information.

Master Plan Video

Neighborhood Master Plan Update In Progress
Over 70 residents will be working together with Township staff to update the Neighborhood Master Plan. The revised plan will lay the foundation for projects conducted over the next five years, 2017 - 2021.

Once the steering committee process is complete, the new Master Plan will be shared with the community
  • Residents were invited to serve on the Committee - View Resident Invitation Press Release
  • Committee meetings will begin mid-March and will continue thru May.
  • Steering Committee Meetings will be held twice a month.
  • Steering Committee progress will be available on this webpage.