Campus Fire Safety

Campus Fire SafetyAbout the Safety Program
The creation of the College Fire Safety Program, especially designed for high school seniors that will be attending college in the fall, received a significant amount of attention in 2007.  

Springfield Township Fire Department created the program intended to educate high school seniors on the importance of fire safety on college campuses. The program was developed in response to campus fire incidents in recent years. There have been 20 fatalities in 2007 nationwide in a campus-related fire. Since 2000 there have been 169 college deaths relating to fire. Ohio has lost 13 students to fire.  

The hope is to decrease the number of campus fire deaths by educating students about how to prevent fires from occurring and how to survive if one does occur. The campus Fire Program now serves as a model program distributed by the Ohio State Fire Marshall's Office.

The Springfield Township Fire Department hopes you will use these resources for a safer college experience.