Financial Structure of Springfield Township

The Township’s appropriations are made up of approximately 28 different funds.  Each fund receives revenues from specific sources, such as property tax levies, and are restricted in terms of permissible expenditures.  Each one carries its own balance and carryovers.  The General Fund permits the greatest discretionary expenditures. All other funds are known as special purpose funds, which have greater restrictions by State law regarding what they can be used for. 

The Township’s financial structure is best understood as “a la carte” due to the ability of residents, through various dedicated tax levies, to determine the level of services desired. The Township’s revenue is primarily received from property taxes with the majority dedicated to public safety (Police & Fire/EMS).

2017 Permanent Appropriations

2017 Tax Budget

Property Tax Allocation

Financial Transparency

OpenGov is an open data platform which helps governmental entities display information over a multi-year period.  In order to provide residents with a transparent method of reviewing financial data, the Township uses this platform to dynamically present the Township’s financial information.  The OpenGov platform allows residents, staff, and other stakeholders with a bank of information that displays how the Township is working for its citizens. 

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Finance Director
Kim Cox
Phone (513) 522-1410
Fax (513) 729-0818
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  4. OpenGov

    Springfield Township is committed to honest budgeting, responsible spending and financial transparency. In this spirit, Springfield Township has partnered with OpenGov to provide residents and stakeholders with the financial transparency portal to Township finance. The portal is designed to bring visibility, openness, and accountability to our operations.

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