Kempermill Village Resurfacing Project

Kempermill Village Map
Project Responsibility: Springfield Township
Construction Estimate: $722,844
Project Location: Deerhorn (Elkwood north to John Gray), Fallbrook (west of Deerhorn), Fullerton (west of Deerhorn)
Scope of Project: Complete rehabilitation of the road infrastructure. The work will include installation of new concrete curb, construction of new catch basins, asphalt repairs to the subgrade, and resurfacing of both streets.
Funding Sources:
• Grant Funding From State Capital Improvement Program =$ 361,422
• Road Levy/Township General Fund = $361,422

Status: This project began as scheduled in March, 2017. Installation of new concrete curb will be completed by the end of April. Repairs to the asphalt subgrade and all resurfacing work will be performed in May / early June.

Contractor: RA Miller

Project Manager: Mike Gould, 522-1410,
Bid Award Date: November 10, 2017

Construction Start Date: March 8, 2017

Estimated Completion Date: July 1, 2017

Project Notes:
Letter to residents notifying project start date
Last updated 4/10/17