McKelvey Storm Sewer Project

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Project Responsibility: Springfield Township

Construction Estimate: $345,000 Project Location: McKelvey Road and Sherwood Drive
Scope of Project: Installation of a new professionally engineered storm sewer system that alleviates all roadway flooding and hazards. The work will include installation of new storm sewer pipes, catch basins, and regrading of drainage ditches along McKelvey Road and Sherwood Drive.

Funding: This project is being funded through Township levy dollars (Approximately $138,000) and a grant from the Hamilton County Storm Water District in the amount of $184,000 and revenue from the 20% Fund which is collected from the Hamilton County License Plate Tax ($23,000)
Status: This project is 98% completed. Due to weather, completion of the restoration process will be complete by May 1, 2017

Contractor: Stauffer Site Services
Project Manager - Mike Gould, 522-1410,
Project Out to Bid: Bids due May 6, 2016 View Bid Advertisement

Bid Award Date: May 12, 2016
Construction Start Date: July 1, 2016
Estimated Completion Date: May 1, 2017


Public Meeting Announcement

Power Point Presentation About the Project

Plan Documents

Letter to residents, construction start

Letter to residents- Road Closure

Update Notes:
Updated 4/10/17