Project Map
Project Responsibility: Springfield Township

Construction Estimate: $145,125.00

Project Location:
Acreview Drive, Cheshire Drive, Silverbrook Drive, Stargate Lane, Silverglade Court

Property Assessment per Parcel: $59.89 per year for 8 years

Description:This pavement preservation project is intended to bring the streets inside Golf View Estates back to good condition again. Construction will include repairs to concrete curb, storm sewers, some full depth as well as partial depth repairs to asphalt sub-grade, and micro- surfacing (black mat) with a tar/chip interlayer (cape seal).

  • State Capital Improvement Loan = $145,125
  • Property Assessment = $69,472.40 (after 8 years of collections)

Status: To fund this project, the Township was awarded an interest free loan from the State Capital Improvement Program. Currently, crews from the Service Department are making repairs to the curb, catch basins, and deteriorated asphalt.

Contractor: Terry Materials

Subcontractor: N/A

Project Manager: Mike Gould, 513-522-1410,
Bid Award Date: State Procurement Program will be used instead of the bidding process

Construction Start Date: October, 2017

Estimated Completed Date: November, 2017

Update Notes:
Power Point presentation for residents of the neighborhood

updated 8/2/17