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Springfield Township Forms

  1. Citizen Police Academy

    Residents may apply to participate in the next Citizens Police Academy.

  2. Drug and Crime Tips For Springfield Township

    This form should be used to report suspected criminal activity or to provide information to the Springfield Township Department... More…

  3. Public Records Request

    Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, you may request the production of public records maintained by Springfield Township.

  4. Touch A Truck 2017

    Touch a Truck will be held on June 16, 2017. Register your vehicle here.

  1. Community Voice

    Ask a question, voice a concern or provide a suggestion in this easy-to fill out form. Someone will follow-up with you shortly.

  2. Event Volunteer

    The Springfield Township Arts and Enrichment Council is seeking volunteers to assist with upcoming events. Volunteers should be at... More…

  3. Recognize a Township Employee for Exemplary Performance

    Did a Springfield Township employee go above and beyond? Please tell us about the exemplary service you received.