Public Works

Responsibilities & Services

The Springfield Township Service Department has the responsibility for care and maintenance of all township streets, facilities, and parks.

Services include:
  • Maintenance of 91.3 miles of township roads
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Road and curb repairs and pothole patching
  • Street sweeping (spring and fall)
  • Remove dead animals from township roads
  • Maintain roadway and storm drainage systems
  • Storm sewer and catch basin maintenance
  • Resurfacing and street improvements
  • Mowing and maintenance at all township parks and facilities
  • Inspection of contractor work within the road right of way
  • Maintenance of 181.5 acres of township parks
    • Field preparation
    • Grass cutting
    • Location of recreation equipment
    • Overall care of grounds and structures
  • Abatement of nuisance properties in Springfield Township
  • Trimming of right of way trees in order to maintain safe roadways and sidewalks