Property Maintenance

Promoting Safety & Quality of Life
Springfield Township adopts and enforces various codes and regulations in order to promote public health and safety, and to preserve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.  

Submitting a Complaint / Concern
Common issues that are brought to our attention are tall grass and weeds, inoperable vehicles, general property disrepair, and unconfined garbage or debris. A complaint made to the Development Services Department will initiate a code enforcement officer to inspect the property, which may result in the issuance of a violation notice. Complaints may be made by calling 513-522-1410, completing a complaint / concern form, or by submitting an email.

Failure to correct the violation within a timely manner can result in the issuance of a civil citation or having the issue abated by the township and any costs associated with such abatement action would be placed on the tax duplicate as a lien against the property. Please note that our enforcement of property maintenance issues only involves private property. Please refer inquiries about issues within the public right of way to the appropriate departments listed below. 

Public Right of Way Issues
Driveway aprons and sidewalks are located in what is known as the road right of way. Contact the following departments and services for assistance:
  • Service Department - 513-522-1410
  • Police Department - 513-729-1300

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