Road Projects

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Street Improvement Schedule
Township or County Project
 2019 Glen Forest Rehabilitation Project (Lux and Beechridge) COMPLETED Springfield Township
 2019 Brentwood Village Rehabilitation Project (Cavalier and Christopal) COMPLETED  Springfield Township
 2019 Pavement Preservation Project (Cottonwood Drive and Long Lane) COMPLETED  Springfield Township
2018-2019 Winton Road (Between Fleming and Sarbrook Drive) COMPLETED
Hamilton County
2018-2019 Winton Road Widening Project - From Sarbrook to Fleming, adding a turn lane
Hamilton County
2017 Daly Road (Hempstead to Meredith) COMPLETED

Hamilton County
2018 Lakeview Park Resurfacing Project Lakeside Drive, Lakeshore Drive, Lakepark Drive, Winlake Drive, Chatterton Drive, Jackpine Court COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Ranchill Estates Resurfacing Project
Ranchill Drive, Montoro Drive, Pacora Drive COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Greenpine Acres Pavement Preservation Project
Greenpine, Springbeauty, Thistle and Persimmon COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Kempermill Village Pavement Preservation Project
Cedarcreek, Canfield, Centerbrook COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Timberwoods Pavement Preservation Project
Spirngrun, Millspring, Farmhill, & Millfarm COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Brookview Pavement Preservation Project
Meredith, Rockport, Sherborn, New Castle, Westbury COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Greenfield Village Pavement Preservation Project
Timbertrail, Springbrook, Greenfringe COMPLETED

Springfield Township
2018 Wright Farm Meadows Pavement Preservation Project
Beech, Thornberry, North Meadowcrest, Heatherdale, Meadowcrest - (west segment only) COMPLETED

Springfield Township
Dosoto Drive Resurfacing Project COMPLETED

Springfield Township