Natural Gas Aggregation

(Current meter read cycle: June 2019-May 2022)

In November 2005, Springfield Township voters authorized the creation of a natural gas aggregation program. Springfield Township selected Constellation Energy Services - Natural Gas, LLC (“Constellation”) as the preferred supplier for its natural gas aggregation program through May 2022 meter read dates. 

In an effort to keep prices for residents as low as possible, Constellation is offering a single fixed rate of $0.396 per ccf. In the past, Constellation has offered a flex-down rate, but in reviewing market conditions, they have found that a comparable flex-down rate would cost close to $0.420 per ccf, drastically reducing the cost savings that would be received by residents. Therefore, only one rate is being offered this cycle.  

There is no cost to enroll.

As an eligible customer, you are automatically enrolled unless you decide to opt-out.

To Opt Out:

If you do not want to be automatically enrolled, please respond with one of the options below by May 14, 2019:

 Phone: Call Constellation at 855-384-9739

Web: Visit