Drop Off Locations

Free Recycle Drop-Off Locations

in Springfield Township

Through a grant with the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District, Springfield Township offers residents convenient locations for household recycling. Bring your recyclables to the Recycle Bins located in the following areas:
  • Parking lot of the Township Civic Center, 9150 Winton Road
  • Parking lot at the Springfield Township Senior / Community Arts Center, 9158 Winton Road
  • Stephanie Hummer Park, 661 North Bend Road
  • Clifford George Park, Pleasant Run Farms Neighborhood on Mill Road
Please recycle the following items:
  • Newspaper
  • Junk mail
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Box board (cereal, pop, etc.)
  • White and colored [aper
  • Computer paper
  • All plastics bottles and jugs (remove caps)
  • Brown paper bags
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Food cans
  • Pop and beer cans
  • Glass bottles and jars (remove lids)
  • Phonebooks
  • Aerosol cans (remove tips)
  • Clean pizza boxes
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans
Remember to rinse all bottles, cans, and jars. Please call the Rumpke Recycling Hotline at 242-4600 with any questions.

Do not include the following items:
  • Light bulbs
  • Window glass
  • Lawn and pool chemical containers
  • Wood
  • Egg cartons
  • Styrofoam
  • Oil containers