Instructor Requirements

Instructor Agreement

All instructors selected will be required to execute a written agreement with Springfield Township. The agreement shall outline, among other things, the class dates, length, and duration of the program; cost to participants to be collected by the township; and the minimum / maximum number of registrations required. The term of the instructor agreement shall be for one community program session only. Automatic program renewals shall not be offered to instructors. If an instructor wishes to continue offering the same program, they must reapply for each program session. The township may also, for any reason, determine to continue the offered program using a different instructor at the beginning of the new program session without any further obligation to the previous instructor.

Instructor Fees / Payment / Other Requirements

Springfield Township will retain a percentage of the agreed upon participation fee and 100% of the non-resident fee to cover costs associated with the program being offered, as determined by the Board of Trustees from year to year. Payments to the instructor are made at the completion of the session, or on a monthly basis for sessions lasting over four weeks. Instructors are independent contractors and are not employees of Springfield Township; no benefits, hourly wage, or workers compensation will be offered. Depending on the type of class offered, liability insurance may be required at the instructor’s cost.