Program & Instructor Selection

Community Program Selection

The township is interested in presenting community programs on a variety of topics which are of benefit to township residents.Typically, the township will determine the community programs which it believes will be of interest to its residents and will seek qualified instructors to present those programs. However, in the interest of providing the best programs possible, the township will also permit members of the general public to submit program ideas. Persons who wish to submit a Community Program idea must complete a Community Program Suggestion Form. If the person making the community program suggestion would like to be chosen as the instructor for that program, he/she must complete the forms outlined in this policy for the selection of instructors. Only those community programs which fit the township’s goal of providing recreation and enrichment will be presented, and the Springfield Township Board of Trustees retains absolute discretion in the approval, denial, or modification of any community programs suggested or presented.

Instructor Selection

Upon the approval of the community programs for each session, the township shall announce the programs to be presented and seek instructors for each program. Typically, instructors will be sought for the fall / winter session in May and June, and instructors for the spring / summer session will be sought in November and December. Information on the instructor selection process will be available on an ongoing basis through the township’s website and offered as needed through press releases and e-news announcements.

Required Information

Persons who wish to present any approved program must complete an instructor application, including three professional references related to the program being offered. Such persons must also complete a Program Outline and Information Form, detailing the manner in which they propose to present the particular program. The township also reserves the right to require background information and consent to a background investigation.

Review of Applications

The township will review the applications and forms submitted and will evaluate the instructors on the basis of their experience, credentials, references, program outline, and background information (if any). In the event only one instructor submits an application and form for any given program, the township, at its discretion, may seek additional instructor applications for that particular program or may choose not to present that program until such time as additional instructor applications are received.


Interviews will be conducted with the instructors deemed qualified by the township; however, the township, at its discretion, may waive the interview process for any person who has previously been selected as an instructor for any of its community programs. Final selection of instructors shall be at the sole discretion of the township and will be made by the appropriate township staff person as designated by the township administrator. All instructors must be approved by the Springfield Township Board of Trustees. Any person not selected as an instructor may reapply for the next community program session.