Teen Club Permit

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Notice of Springfield Township’s Teen Club and Teen Event Permit and Employee Licensing Requirements

On September 9, 2014, Springfield Township enacted Resolution No. 76-2014 establishing permit requirements for Teen Clubs and Teen Events located in Springfield Township and a license requirement for employees who work for Teen Clubs or provide services during Teen Events. Based on this Resolution, permits and licenses must be obtained prior to operating or working in a Teen Club or during a Teen Event. Applications for permits/licenses must be filed at least 30 days prior to the operation of a Teen Club or the date of a Teen Event.

Resolution No. 76-2014 outlines the application procedures, requirements for obtaining Teen Club/Teen Event permits and employee licenses, the fees for such permits/licenses, and the penalties for violations of the Resolution. The Resolution consists of the following Chapters and Sections:
Section 1 Definitions
Section 2 Permit Required
Section 3 Application Process/Determination
Section 4 Application Investigation Process
Section 5 Issuance of Permit
Section 6 Denial of Permit
Section 7 Continuing Obligation to Update Application Information
Section 8 Access to Permitted Premises
Section 9 Teen Club Permit Expiration and Renewal
Section 10 Teen Event Permit Expiration and Renewal
Section 11 Suspension of Permit
Section 12 Revocation of Permit
Section 13 Appeal of Permit Denial, Non-Renewal, Suspension or Revocation
Section 14 Transfer of Permit Prohibited
Section 15 Employee License
Section 16 Hours of Operation
Section 17 Admission
Section 18 Location Requirements and Operating Conditions
Section 19 Exemption of Certain Organizations and Activities
Section 20 Civil Citation and Appeal
Section 21 Penalties and Fines
Section 22 Abatement and Other Lawful Remedies
Section 23 Compliance with Law
Section 24 Waiver of Second Reading Requirement

Pursuant to Resolution No. 76-2014, persons who violate the employee licensing requirements shall be issued Civil Citations in the following amounts:
  1. $100 on the first offense;
  2. $250 for the second offense;
  3. $500 for the third offense;
  4. $750 for the fourth offense; and
  5. $1,000 for each subsequent offense.
Additionally, persons who violate the Teen Club or Teen Event permit requirements shall be issued Civil Citations in the following amounts:
  1. $500 on the first offense; and
  2. $1,000 for each subsequent offense.
There is an administrative fee for processing each citation. Each day that a violation con­tinues after due notice has been served shall be deemed a sepa­rate offense.

Resolution Number 76-2014 became effective immediately on its passage on September 9, 2014.

A copy of the entire Resolution may be obtained or viewed at the Office of the Springfield Township Fiscal Officer, 9150 Winton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 or on Springfield Township’s website (www.Springfieldtwp.org) under the Government/HomeRule/Resolutions heading.