RITA Registration

Business owners with companies located within Springfield Township's Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) may download the required business tax forms from this web page. If you are an employee working in Springfield Township, you do not need any of these forms. Residents applying for the residential incentive grant should go to the Residential Grant page.

The Springfield Township Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) has enacted a Municipal Income Tax effective August 1, 2014. The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) administers the income tax on behalf of the Springfield Township JEDZ. As a business and/or employer located within the Zone, you will be responsible for withholding the one and one-half percent (1.5%) earnings tax on the wages of all employees working in the Zone. Additionally, as a business located within the Zone, you will be responsible for payment of a one and one-half percent (1.5%) earnings tax on the net profits attributable to the business located in the Zone.

In order to register your business with RITA and ensure compliance, please contact the Regional Income Tax Agency at 1-800-860-7482 ext. 5003 or register your company at www.ritaohio.com  using Springfield Twp JEDZ I (Code 627).

Companies that are found to be non-compliant in terms of not being registered with RITA or have neglected to pay applicable net business profits and/or failed to withhold taxes for those employees working within the Springfield Township JEDZ may be subject to further action, which may include an Administrative Subpoena. If an Administrative Subpoena is issued, your personal appearance will be required.

If you have any additional questions regarding the JEDZ income tax feel free to contact Springfield Township at 513-522-1410.

To determine if your business is located within the Joint Economic Development Zone please review the JEDZ map here and/or call (513) 522-1410.

Here are the required RITA forms:
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