Trash and Recycling Services

Under the authority of the Ohio Revised Code, section 505.28, Boards of township trustees, either independently or jointly with other communities, may enter into written contracts for the collection and disposal of solid wastes.

Trustees of Springfield Township were interested in finding out if residents could save money on their waste hauler/ recycling bills by aggregating this service through a single contractor. The communities of Colerain Township and Ross Township joined in the bid, effectively aggregating approximately 40,000 households to garner favorable pricing. Three waste hauling companies bid for the services with the specs outlined by the three participating communities.

Springfield Township trustees held three public meetings to engage residents in the decision and fielded questions regarding the proposed program. After receiving support from the general public, the bid with Rumpke was accepted in August 2015. The Township-wide trash and recycling service officially began week of April 1, 2016.

While an aggregated plan prevents households from selecting their own waste hauler, benefits include a reduced cost in monthly waste bills, an anticipated 20% increase in the Township’s recycling rate and greater restrictions over surcharges and fees charged by haulers. Under the new program, Rumpke provides a 65-gallon wheeled recycle cart to all Springfield Township residents at no cost.

Letter to Residents

Service Selection Letter

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• Legal Authority To Enter Into Trash/Recycle Contract

View slides which explain the bid proposal request

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View the benefits of recycling, provided by Hamilton County Solid Waste and Recycling

View presentation slides with details of the accepted Rumpke contract (presented at public hearings) *Includes pricing and services

View article posted Aug. 24th announcing the new program

View article posted March 10, 2016 with details on the new trash and recycle carts coming to Township homes.
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