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Under the authority of the Ohio Revised Code, section 505.28, Boards of township trustees, either independently or jointly with other communities, may enter into written contracts for the collection and disposal of solid wastes.

Trustees of Springfield Township were interested in finding out if residents could save money on their waste hauler/ recycling bills by aggregating this service through a single contractor. After a thorough review process. the Township entered into its first contract for trash and recycling in 2016. Within five years, residents saved an average of $372 with the single hauler agreement. The agreement was set to expire in 2021 and trustees again collected bids for the same service for a second five-year term. Rumpke was the only waste hauler that submitted a bid due to the size of the community and number of households being too many for most other providers.  The following represents the proposed pricing beginning May 1, 2021:

Waste Collection & Recycling Services Monthly Pricing

5 Year Fixed Pricing, Unlimited Trash and Recycling Option

2021/2022        $17.55

2022/2023        $17.90

2023/2024        $18.25

2024/2025        $18.63

2025/2026        $19.00

5 Year Fixed Pricing, Limited Trash and Recycling Option (includes 96 gallon trash can)

2021/2022        $14.00

2022/2023        $14.28

2023/2024        $14.56

2024/2025        $14.86

2025/2026        $15.16


*Optional Add-on rental of 96 gallon trash can remains $2.50/month if selected and fee of $0.10/month ($1.20/annually) per account will be applied for customer service support.

The above pricing for the new agreement will save residents, on average, almost $283 over the next 5 years when compared to the current non-contract subscription rate.   Additionally, in year five of the new agreement (2026) the price will still be $4/month less than residents were paying in 2016.  While an aggregated plan prevents households from selecting their own waste hauler, benefits include a reduced cost in monthly waste bills, an anticipated 20% increase in the Township’s recycling rate and greater restrictions over surcharges and fees charged by haulers. Under the new program, Rumpke provides a 65-gallon wheeled recycle cart to all Springfield Township residents at no cost.

View the current Rumpke details here.

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