Center Pointe Preserve

Center Pointe Preserve
Center Point Preserve Concept
Springfield Township is a mosaic of neighborhoods representing some of the best places in Greater Cincinnati to live and raise a family. Over the past several years, the Township has initiated various studies and analysis to determine the best ways to foster economic development, revitalize the business district, keep our current residents and encourage new residents to choose Springfield Township as their home.

In 2010 and 2011, residents came together in a planning process to create a neighborhood-by-neighborhood master plan. It was through these meetings and in working with various consultants that the Township designated the area referred to as "The Core" as the greatest opportunity for generating growth and future investment into the community.

on November 20, 2017 the Township unveiled to the public a conceptual master plan that will transform part of the township’s Core District into a live-work-play destination.

The proposed 54-acre Center Pointe Preserve development could offer a mixture of patio homes, boutique retail and office space, surrounded by large canopies of trees and highlighted with an amphitheater attraction. The township also has future aspirations to include a community arts center dependent upon funding sources and potential private/non-profit partnerships.


The Core is defined as East of Winton Road, South of Ronald Regan, and North of Northbend Road.

Township Owned Property:

The Township purchased what has been known as the Warder Nursery property in 2000 from the Cincinnati Park District. The Township also owns approximately 12 acres on Northbend, with a combined total of 54 acres. This is proposed to be the primary development for the Core District.

Stay Engaged:

Several meetings and various communication materials will be developed to keep citizens informed and to gather their feedback as the plans evolve. There are a number of ways citizens can remain engaged and be informed of upcoming meetings.

• Register for the Township's e-news. This is how we notify citizens of upcoming meetings and events.

• Watch for photos as progress continues on the Township's Facebook Page.