Winton Road Resurfacing Project

Project Responsibility: Hamilton County

Construction Estimate: $3,100,000
Project Location: Winton Road, from Fleming to Sarbrook
Scope of Project: This project is an extensive rehabilitation of Winton Road

View Scope Specs provided by Hamilton County Engineers Office

Funding: Ohio Department of Transportation Funds, STP Funds & possible OPWC, SCIP/LTIP Funds
Status: The Hamilton County Engineers is waiting to hear from the State Capital Improvement Program when it comes to whether or not this project will receive grant funding or just an interest free loan. This determination may not be finalized until September of 2017.

Contractor: TBD

Project Manager - Ted Hubbard - Questions should be attention to Tim Gilday, 513-946-8900
Bid Award Date: TBD
Estimated Construction Schedule:
Environmental Documentation Clearance Spring 2016
Design Plans Completed Fall 2017
Right-of-Way Acquisition Begins Summer 2016
Right of Way Acquisition Completed Fall 2017
Construction Award Date Spring 2018

Substantially Completed Date:


Winton Road Corridor Study

Public Meeting Announcement

Public Meeting Handout and Public Comment Sheet (Feb, 2016)

Update Notes:

View most up to date reports for the Winton Road project on the Hamilton County Engineer's webpage.

View Winton Road Widening project HERE

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