Fire Chief

Springfield Township Fire Chief, Robert Leininger leads one of the busiest fire departments in Hamilton County. He has served as the Chief since 1996,  since the full-time department was first established. With eighty full and part-time firefighters, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians in 2 fire stations, his focus is to provide exemplary fire and Emergency Medical Services to Township residents, businesses and visitors.

Born and raised in Springfield Township, Chief Leininger joined the Northern Hills Volunteer Fire Department in 1981, after graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with Bachelors in Police Administration and Fire Science. Chief Leininger spent 9 years accessioning through the ranks, and was promoted to Fire Chief of the Northern Hills Volunteer Fire department in 1989. He was later instrumental in consolidating three volunteer fire departments into a single fire department which would be operated under Springfield Township. There, he was appointed the first official Springfield Township Fire Chief.

After being hired as the first Fire Chief in 1996, he quickly initiated his vision plan by increasing the level of fire response and Emergency Medical Services throughout the Township by standardizing Paramedic - Advance Life Support (ALS) care, placing firefighters and paramedics “on-station” to reduce response time, reduced the Insurance Services Office (ISO) Fire Department Suppression Rating from 5 to a 3, standardized the Quint concept by providing a ladder truck with suppression capabilities at each fire station, introduced 12 lead EKG with automatic mono and bi phasic technology, state of the art ambulance fleet, consulted the design of the remodel of (Station 75) and new construction of the custom built fire department headquarters (Station 79) that includes advanced training technologies. Each fire station is a state certificated training facility. Fire Department Fire and EMS instructors provided mandated continuing education to fire department personnel.

Chief Leininger has been recognized for his extensive fire safety, accident avoidance and severe weather preparedness campaigns/programs such as the Kids Fire Academy, College Prep Fire Safety Program, Juvenile Fire Setters Program and annual Fire Prevention Open House, which attracts hundreds of participants bi-annually. These initiatives have won the Department honors as Gold Star Chili’s 2008 “Fire House of the Year”.

In addition to promoting safety messages to the public, Chief Leininger has played a key role in strategizing regional alliances with his strong partnership with area hospitals, Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency, neighboring fire departments and the “Hamilton County Fire Chiefs Association”. Chief Leininger has held the position of President for the association since 2013. As President, he is responsible for the oversight of the Hamilton County Fire Investigation Unit, Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, Greater Cincinnati Hazardous Materials Unit, Regional Mobile Communication and Command Unit (Command 400).

Chief Leininger continues to evolve the department with a vision for the future. With Trustee support, he and the department is working towards implementing Community Paramedicine and  replacing antiquated portable/mobile radios, computer dispatch technologies,  equipment that that is no longer cost effective to operate,  rescue tools and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The vision also includes the continuation of collaborations with neighboring jurisdictions to improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of fire and EMS operations, a management succession plan and the development of a Firefighter/Paramedic hiring and retention strategy that will meet the demand for fire and EMS response.

• BS Degree, Eastern Kentucky University, Police and Fire Administration, 1980
• Fire Chief, 1989 to 1996, Northern Hills Fire Department & Paramedic EMS
• Fire Chief, 1996 to current, Springfield Township Fire Department & Paramedic EMS (Hamilton County)
• President, 2013 to current, Hamilton County Fire Chiefs Association