Lakeview Park

Project Map-lakeview park
Project Responsibility: Springfield Township

Construction Estimate: $794,175

Property Assessment per Parcel: $59.81 per year for 10 years
Project Location:
Lakeside Drive, Lakeshore Drive, Lakepark Drive, Winlake Drive, Chatterton Drive, Jackpine Court

Description: This project is an extensive rehabilitation of these 6 streets. Construction will include repairs to storm sewers as well as catch basins, significant full depth repairs to asphalt sub-grade, removal of existing asphalt which will allow for resurfacing with 2 ½ inches of new blacktop.

    • State Capital Improvement Loan = $397,087
    • Township Road Levy = $329,508.35
    • Property Assessment = $67,579.65 (after 10 years of collections)
Status: In a collaborative effort between Springfield Township and Hamilton County Engineers, a joint grant application was submitted to the State Capital Improvement Program on September 16, 2016.

The Township is seeking financial assistance towards construction costs for Lakeview Park; Hamilton County is seeking to receive the needed funding to resurface Winton Road from Sarbrook to Greenhills. These two projects are eligible for a joint application because all the roads are contiguous to each other. By submitting this joint application the chances of both local governments to receive the needed funding is significantly increased. Both Hamilton County Engineers and the Township will receive word in December from SCIP on whether or not these projects will be awarded the needed grant funding to move forward.

Update: The SCIP Grant application was not approved by the state. Springfield Township and Hamilton County have together applied for and secured an interest-free loan to resurface Winton Road and the streets inside Lakeview Park. Currently, the project's schedule is under review. *Township funding is only being utilized for the project on Lakeview. The County's loan pays for the Winton Road portion of the project.

Update: Construction will begin May 1, 2018.

Update: The installation of new concrete curb has been completed. The resurfacing phase of this project is scheduled to start the week of August 6th.

Update: Project Completed

Rack & Ballauer Excavating

Subcontractor: N/A

Project Manager:
Mike Gould, 513-522-1410,

Bid Award Date: December 15, 2017

Construction Start Date: July 23, 2018

Estimated Completed Date: Sept 30, 2018

Update Notes:
updated 10/11/19
Power Point presentation for residents of the neighborhood