Millbrook Subdivision Resurfacing Project Proposal

Project Responsibility: Springfield Township

Construction Estimate:

Property Assessment per Parcel:
$84.24 per year for 10 years

Project Location: Millbrook, Leebrook, Woodfield, Timbermill, Allencrest, Thomasview, Shadyoak, Ashford, Galecrest, Streambrook, Viewcrest

Scope of Project: This pavement preservation project is intended to bring the streets inside Millbrook Subdivision back to good condition again. Construction will include repairs to concrete curb, storm sewers, some full depth as well as partial depth repairs to asphalt sub-grade, resurfacing with new blacktop and micro-surfacing (black mat) with a tar/chip interlayer (cape seal).

Funding Sources:
• Springfield Township Road Levy and General Fund = $497,536

• Property Assessment:
$198,806.40 (after 10 years of collections)

Status: A public meeting was held on January 26, 2017 to present two options that residents within the Millbrook Subdivision have in order to improve the streets inside their neighborhood. Residents that attend the meeting learned specific details about the assessment process, the project scope, and the proposed timeline.

Over 51% of the residents in the neighborhood signed the petition in favor of the partial assessment to perform the work. This project went out to bid in late April. The Springfield Township Board of Trustees has signed a contract with RA Miller to perform this project in fall of 2017.

Update: Project Completed

Contractor: RA Miller

Subcontractor: TBD

Project Manager: Mike Gould, 513-522-1410,

Bid Award Date: June 13, 2017

Construction Start Date: September 15, 2017

Construction Estimated Completion: December 2017

Information Update:
Resident meeting notification

Updated: 10/11/19