Fire Levy 2022

2022 Levy Facts

On the ballot November 8, 2022

What is Issue 19?
Issue 19 is the renewal of an existing 1-Mill levy for Springfield Township Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for another 5 years.    

Why is this levy being proposed?
Issue 19 is being proposed because the current 1-Mill levy will expire at the end of 2022.  Unlike most tax levies, such as the most recent police and fire levies passed in November of 2020, this levy must be renewed every 5 years.  Without the renewal, the Springfield Township Fire and EMS Department revenues will be reduced by over $560,000 per year.  

Is this a new tax?
NO.  Voters approved the current 1-Mill levy in 2012 and renewed it again in 2017.  A renewal will simply allow the levy to continue for another 5 years at the same rate without raising taxes.

Why is it needed? Passage of Issue 19 will allow the Springfield Township Fire and EMS Department to continue providing best-in-class fire and paramedic services to the community.  The Springfield Township Fire and EMS Department is one of the top 3 busiest suburban departments in Hamilton County.  Last year, the department responded to 5,707 dispatches for medical-related emergencies and 1,468 for fire emergencies.  Our demand for service has increased every year over the past 25 years.  Continuing the current levy will keep in place the funding necessary to maintain our excellent services to the community.

View the Fire run volume stats here

Will Issue 19 raise my taxes?
NO.  In fact, it will lower your taxes.  During the previous 5 years of the levy, the cost to a property owner was $29.45 per $100k of valuation.  If renewed, the levy will be $23.81 per $100k of valuation.   

FD open house

Quality Indicators


Is the third busiest suburban fire department in southwest Ohio!

Named the “2018 Fire Department of the Year” by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  

Achieved an Insurance Services Organization Fire Protection Rating of 2.   Only 3% of the fire departments across the county have achieved an ISO 2 rating.  The ISO rating is used to determine property insurance rates.  

Operated under the auspices of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and contracted a Medical Director that is a Board Certified Emergency Room Physician to oversee all EMS operations.

UC Health and the Springfield Township Fire Department established a partnership in 2020 to provide a Mobile Stroke Unit in Hamilton County. The UC MSU is stationed at Station 79 (9150 Winton Road) and is one of only 24 in the country.  

Springfield Township Fire Department has implemented an active Community Paramedicine program that connects seniors and residents with special medical needs to valuable resources provided by Hamilton County and Council on Aging.    

Maintained continuity of Government throughout the COVID – 19 Pandemic

 Securred FEMA grant funding for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.   

Administered COVID-19 vaccine to home-bound residents and Finneytown School District teachers

Added “state of the art” EMS equipment (LUCAS CPR Devices and electronic hospital linked EMS report writing system) to ambulances.

Fire Department CPR instructors teach CPR to employees of township businesses and schools that request it.  Statistics show that there is an 86% survival rate when a cardiac arrest is witnessed by a bystander that knows CPR.

FD car wreck

Photo by Malinda Hartong

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