When discussing the preservation of cemeteries, the first question that must be asked and answered is, “who owns the cemetery?” There are basically three types of ownership in Ohio: township, municipal and private.

Ohio laws pertaining to cemeteries under the jurisdiction of townships can be found in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Chapter 517; ORC Chapter 759 pertains to cemeteries under the jurisdiction of municipalities (cities, villages and joint municipal/township cemeteries); ORC Chapter 1721 pertains to cemeteries under the jurisdiction of (private) cemetery associations.

Springfield Township Maintains two cemeteries, Smiley Cemetery and Beech Grove Cemetery.

Smiley Cemetery

12180 Mill Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240

Beech Grove Cemetery

beech grove 2

436 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

Beech Grove Cemetery was founded on May 27, 1889 by the Beech Grove Cemetery Association as a rural cemetery for African Americans. Over 500 veterans, some from World War I, are buried here.  In 2017, Springfield Township officially took possession of Beech Grove Cemetery after it had been abandon and in foreclosure for several years. The property is now maintained by the Springfield Township Public Works Department. Rehabilitation continues to restore the resting home of over 3,000 people. 

Beech Grove Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Columbarium At Beech Grove

beech grove 1

Simple yet tasteful, Beech Grove's columbarium is where loved one’s cremated remains may rest in a private niche. 72 niches have been made available to help memorialize loved ones and protect their cremated remains. Surrounded by the historic cemetery, the columbarium is constructed of granite, and is now a central focal point of the grounds with a convenient drive leading to it.

Niches are now available by calling (513) 728-4285. 

Niche cost $1,700

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