Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission shall review each application to rezone land, change text of the existing Zoning Resolution and make recommendations to the Township Board of Trustees on each application or text amendment.  The Zoning Commission ensures pertinent applications comply with the Winton Road Corridor Design guidelines.
 Applications may be initiated by the property owner, Trustees or Zoning Commission. Only the Township Trustees have the authority to approve a zoning change or text amendment. Although, the Trustees must receive the Zoning Commission’s recommendation, the Trustees can accept, modify, deny or override the recommendation from the Zoning Commission by majority vote.
The Springfield Township Zoning Commission consists of five members which are appointed by the Township Trustees. As required by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 519, all members must be residents of Springfield Township. Appointments for the members are five years, and the terms overlap.
 The Zoning Commission generally schedules meetings on the 3rd Monday at 5:30 PM only when needed.