Winton Road Widening Project

Winton Road Widening & Resurfacing Project:

Project Responsibility: Hamilton County Engineers

Contract Bid: $6,186,257.01

Project Location: Winton Road - from Greenhills to Fleming

Scope of Project: Winton Road will be resurfaced with new blacktop from Greenhills to Fleming. Winton Road will also be widened from Sarbrook to Fleming to allow for a turn lane in the center of the street

Status: Construction started on April 30th and traffic has been reduced to one lane in either direction.  Traffic delays should be anticipated throughout the project   

Contractor: Rack & Ballauer Excavating Co. Inc.  

Subcontractor: None

Project Manager:  John Neal – 946-8400

Bid Award Date: March 1, 2018

Construction Start Date:  April 30, 2018

Estimated Completion Date: December 14, 2018


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