CRA II Commercial Projects

The Springfield Township CRA II offers tax exemption on both commercial remodeling or new construction projects. Qualifying properties may receive up to a seventy-five percent (75%) exemption for up to fifteen (15) years for construction of new commercial or up to seventy-five percent (75%) exemption for a period up to fifteen (15) years for existing commercial properties upon which the cost of remodeling is at least $50,000. The approval of projects will be approved on a case-by-case basis in advance of construction and in according to the rules outlined in the Ohio Revised Code Section 3735.67 through 3735.673.

Commercial properties include, but are not limited to, condominium developments, apartment communities, retail properties, office properties, and service properties.

CRA II Boundary Maps 

VIEW MAP (Springfield Township CRA2 Boundary)

VIEW MAP (Current Zoning in CRA2 Boundary)

VIEW MAP (Boundaries for Major Industry)

VIEW MAP (Boundaries by School District)

VIEW MAP (Available Land For Development in CRA2)


  • Property owner contacts Springfield Township to discuss the project before construction. Please contact Kathleen Kennedy, Director of Administrative Services at (513)728-4278.

  • The property owner, Springfield Township, and Hamilton County will agree on terms of the proposed abatement and will be set in writing in a Community Reinvestment Area Agreement, as outlined by Ohio Revised Code Section 3735.671.

  • Prior to construction, property owner submits and receives zoning approval. Please contact the Springfield Township Planning and Zoning Department to ensure project meets all requirements at (513)522-1410.

  • Prior to construction, property owner submits and receives an approved Building Permit from the Hamilton County Building Department. Please contact the Hamilton County Building Department at (513) 946-4550.


To discuss the CRA Program or potential project, please contact Kathleen Kennedy, Assistant Township Administrator at (513)728-4278 or