ALERT Springfield Township

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ALERT Springfield Township is a notification system designed to warn the public about emergencies and important community information. It is part of the ALERT Hamilton County System, with enhanced features that can be used to direct urgent messages related to Springfield Township specifically.

Up to 42 different notifications can be set by users so they receive the urgent notices they wish to receive by cell phone, email, and even social media.

By signing up for ALERT Springfield Township, you can also opt into Smart911, which can provide 911 operators with your important household information before an emergency occurs.

Springfield Township will be using ALERT Springfield Township in an emergency to notify residents in an emergency. It is highly recommended that all residents register.

Notifications may include:

Weather Alerts and Warnings

Missing Persons

Shelter In Place

Police Activity

Other various threats to people, property, or the environment


Interested in everyday news, township updates and event notifications? Register for the Township E-NEWS HERE