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1. Do I have a choice for a service provider?
2. Do I have to sign-up for trash service?
3. What if I live in a Condo and currently pay for trash service through my HOA?
4. What if I live in a trailer or mobile home park?
5. How much is service and what does it include?
6. If I sign-up for limited service and I have more trash than what my cart can hold, how do I dispose of it?
7. Is there a cost to recycle?
8. Do I have to recycle?
9. What can be recycled?
10. Can I mix all the recyclables together?
11. Can I get a larger/smaller recycling cart?
12. If I am currently a recycling customer and have a 65-gallon green recycling cart, will I use the same cart for service?
13. Who owns the recycling cart?
14. What happens to my recyclables once they leave the curb?
15. Can I order a Rumpke trash cart?
16. How much trash can I put out each week?
17. What is considered a large item?
18. When are large items collected?
19. Do I need to call ahead to schedule large item collection?
20. How do I prepare my large items for collection?
21. Are there items I can’t include in my garbage?
22. What holidays does Rumpke observe?
23. How do I pay my bill?
24. When will my trash/recycling be collected?
25. I currently lease/own a Rumpke trash cart, can I continue to use it?
26. I am a Rumpke customer currently. How will this affect billing?
27. Are there any fuel surcharges with the new contract with the Townships?
28. I live on a private drive. Do I have to bring my trash to the curb?
29. I have rental property and may have vacancies on occasion, do I have to pay for service on a vacant property?
30. My trash cart is missing. How can I get it replaced?
31. My recycling cart is missing. How can I get it replaced?
32. Are there any discounted rates for seniors?
33. Can I stop service if I am on vacation or I am a snow bird in the winter months?
34. Are there different service rates for 2,3 or 4-family buildings?