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Clifford George Park 11 X 11 Soccer Field

Subfacility of Clifford George Park

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Field reservations are limited to athletic teams for games, practices and camps unless otherwise approved.

 Field permits are required for any organized team to play a game or practice on Township fields.
Athletic organizations or organized teams MUST request dates online, enter into a contract agreement, submit the required insurance and be approved before playing on a Township field. Insurance documents must list Springfield Township as additional insured.

Teams should carry their approved permit while on Township fields and be able to show the permit if requested by a Springfield Township police officer or staff person. A citation with a fine may be issued if the proper permit has not been obtained.

Invoices must be paid within 10 from when they are issued. Invoices will be sent electronically monthly, following the approved practice or game. (We will bill after play has occurred.) Any unpaid invoices will result in the automatic cancellation of any upcoming field reservations.  

Rain Out Hotline: TBA

Clifford George Park Fall Field Fees:

 50% or more Springfield Township residents
on organization or team youth roster
$15 Game/Practice
 Less than 50% Springfield Township residents
on team or organization on youth roster
 $25 Game/Practice
 Adult League
 $30 Game

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