About Springfield Township

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Our Mission

To deliver services (police, fire/EMS, roads, zoning, senior, parks & recreation) in an effective manner so as to create a sense of community, enhance property values and improve the quality of life for our residents and businesses in Springfield Township.

A Unique Community

Springfield Township is distinctive in landscape, character, and service, yet united in vision. We are a unique community that has embarked upon changes to meet the demands of the future, while retaining those special qualities that attracted residents and businesses long ago.
Founded in 1795, Springfield Township covers 16 square miles and has a population of 36,319 residents, according to the 2010 census report. The tree-lined, picturesque streets of Springfield Township include many diverse and unique neighborhoods, such as: 
  • Edgemont
  • Finneytown
  • Glencoe
  • Golfway
  • Hollydale
  • Lexington Heights
  • New Burlington
  • Pleasant Run Farms
  • Seven Hills
  • Skyline Acres
  • Valleydale
  • West College Hill

Local Parks

Springfield Township is home to Winton Woods, one of the largest parks of the Great Parks of Hamilton County, which offers a 123 site campground, 156 acre lake, 2 golf courses, a fully functional farm, horseback riding center, beautiful trails, and a boat harbor. In addition to Winton Woods, township living includes 12 additional neighborhood parks. Convenient access to I-71 and I-75 via the new Cross County Highway facilitates travel about Greater Cincinnati and beyond.


Residents elect three trustees to govern the township and a fiscal officer to maintain financial and other permanent records. Trustees set policies and hire a township administrator to implement their decisions. The township administrator directs the township departments (Police, Fire, Roads, Recreation, and Senior and Community Arts Center) and supervises all day-to-day activities of the township.

Contact Us

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