Suburban Chickens

With the adoption of a new Zoning Resolution, residents in all residential districts may keep chickens (per section 11.113 of the Zoning Resolution) as an accessory to their home. A zoning certificate (permit) must be obtained by the property owner prior to the keeping of chickens.  

To download the zoning certificate application (permit) CLICK HERE. The keeping of residential chickens is considered an accessory use, and the fee for zoning certificate (permit) application is $35.00.

For questions, please call Kathleen Kennedy, Director of Administrative Services at 513-522-1410 or email

Further requirements below must also be met to keep chickens in Springfield Township:

The sole purpose of keeping Suburban Chickens is for the private consumption of their eggs by members of the household, and not for commercial purposes. In no case shall any product produced or made as a result of the keeping of suburban chickens as provided in this section be offered for sale on any property zoned for residential use.

A maximum of ten (10) hens is permitted. The keeping of roosters is prohibited.

All chickens shall be housed in a coop with a maximum of five (5) square feet per chicken, and an enclosed run area no larger than 100 square feet. The maximum allowable height of the coop shall be six (6) feet above the elevation of the surface of the ground. The coop and the run must be located at least twenty (20) from all property lines and ten (10) feet from the principle structure. The coop is also subject to the requirements of Article 10 subsections 10.15, 10.151, 10.152, 10.153, 10.155 and Article 11 subsections 11.11, 11.111, and 11.112. Chickens shall only be kept in the rear yard, except on a corner or double frontage lot.  Chickens are permitted in the side yard area which is parallel to the rear of the house on corner lots, and in the front yard area, parallel to the rear of the house on double frontage lots.

The property where the chickens are located must be enclosed completely by a wall or fence not exceeding six (6) feet in height above the elevation of the surface of the ground and subject to the requirements of Article 11 subsection 11.08 (d).

The chickens shall be kept in the coop from sunset to sunrise.

All food and waste material shall be stored in tight fitting containers and located a minimum of twenty (20) feet from all property lines.

The slaughtering of chickens in residential districts is prohibited.

Chickens and their enclosures shall be kept in neat, clean, and sanitary condition, free from offensive odors, excessive noise, or any other condition that would constitute a nuisance.